Baby rug and cable hat

Pyjamas for a Cabbage Patch Doll

The owner of the Cabbage Patch doll has her own pyjamas in the apple tree material and with the left over scraps of material I have made the doll the same.


I’ve also made socks/slippers.DSCF1647
I hit some problems when something went awry with the tension or the feed-dog on this more modern sewing machine that belonged to my mother.
I turned to my 40 year old war-horse which has a niggly problem with beginning and ending threads coming undone just a little.
So perhaps both machines will end up in the fix-it shop. Time to consider my options. I’ve felt rather indulged to have two sewing machines but having a second option as I worked on these gifts was really helpful.

Three wee mice in their snuggly sleeping bags

I knitted Max, the mouse in 2012 and he lives at my house ready and waiting for grandchildren to play with him when they are here. I thought I had posted him to my blog a long time ago but no he was hiding away in my Drafts folder! So I posted him here today.

I also began and never quite finished two more mice in their cosy beds. Finally another two WIPs have been completed and here they are out in the winter sun today with Max.DSCF7056


The pattern for these “Three Sleepy Mice” was amongst my mother’s collection. A google search under the same name finds an online version. It is a great pattern to use up small amounts of leftover yarn.

Long days indoors in winter can be a good opportunity to sort out those UFOs….